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Ayurveda Research & Career Academy (ARCA) is founded pertaining to develop the skills required for research among Ayurveda aspirants. India has a large infrastructure in terms of colleges, institutions on Indian medicine for teaching as well as clinical care. Ayurveda Research & Career Academy has created a platform for the upcoming Ayurveda aspirants to encourage research work through active assistance. It also provides the appropriate information about future opportunities, upcoming important events in Ayurveda, and related field needed to the aspirants up to date by the way of this portal. Efforts have been also taken to provide all related information under one roof of this to every individual for a career. Ayurveda Research & Career Academy (ARCA) team’s vision is to play a key role in enriching every student’s and helping them to reach achieve their goal with our portal for various purposes like online exam preparation, job opportunities, etc. We believe that in focusing all our efforts in the field of competitive examinations of various faculties.
        Our mission is to serve society through excellence in Ayurveda and public health education. We care and improve your career, for that we continue trying to focus and improve ourselves through –The quality of education and materials related to the examination we provide, provides the latest updates in Ayurveda, efficiency of our methodologies  Quality Improvement., Truthfulness towards students, parents, society, and nation.
  1. To impart academic knowledge research methodology to Ayurveda aspirants.

  2. To develops and upgrades learning skills among students through contact sessions.

  3. To conduct an orientation program on Research methodology and Bio-statistics for UG, PG, Ph.D. students.

  4. To provide scientific assistance for Protocol developments, Synopsis, Dissertation preparation.

  5. To provide information regarding various jobs, career opportunities.

  6. To promote the students in Ayurveda research, epidemiological surveys, Clinical trials, Publications of paper, etc.

  7. To encourage the Ayurveda scholar for research on classical texts and investigate the fundamental principles of Ayurveda.

  8. To develop the prospective Human Resource in Ayurveda systems, especially to develop scientific aptitude and expertise relating to Ayurveda Research.

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